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Digital business card is a file that contains essential information on you and your company. A digital design like that can be shared online in one click. Along with a name, position, and contacts, you can enhance your card with interactive elements, such as links. Cardshala provide you the platform to create your own digital business card,which can be shared unlimited.Here you can connect with the people through call,whatsapp,social media link like instagram,,facebook youtube. Here you can showcase your business through photo gallery and video gallery.You can share the card on whatsapp without saving any others number. Cardshala provide you link and qr code to share with your clients.It can be share through whatsapp,social media,and via sms. Our Mission Our Mission is “To receive national recognition as the most innovative, dedicated, and productive IT firm in the INDIA”. We provide high creative, cost-effective, reliable, transparent, on-time quality service at affordable price.